She's back - so am i!!!

Hello All!!
We're back!!! Well, mom's back which means that she'll be able to resume her work on the blog front (hopefully) During her absence, i stayed with my good buddies, Serve and Zackt and took walks with my best sausage doggie pals, Yoda and Maya and their family! How kool is dat!! We walked in a pack!! ;-)

Mom would like to share a few of her travel pics with us, so bear with it. ;-)
The pics would be lots nicer mom if i were in them together!!

Yoda and Maya
Serve, his mommy and me
Furiends together
Tiruchirappali, India

one of the many temples in Trichy
coconut vendor by the street side, a great way to quench the thirst in the hot weather

the view from the top of the steps
Elephant in Rock Fort Temple, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India

this was at Kovalam Beach, Kerala

a friendly fur kept by her side during her stroll on the beach
Kovalam beach in Kerala 

P.s -  Thanks again to Serve and Zackt and their family for welcoming me in their home and caring for me during mom's getaway!
Maxx and mommy


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