Saturday Doga

Been awhile since i've last stretched out. So today since mom's mat was already laid, i figured i do a little doga to help keep me limber throughout this beautiful Saturday.

We begin by smiling and looking to the left (my left)

and while trying to look cute on the mat (turn to the right)

then turn more to the right and strike a pose

Whew..that was exhausting..

Okay, next we proceed to any comfortable position
close your eyes, concentrate

cross your paws, exhale and relax,
let your body fall where it may

but importantly keep those paws crossed always :)

We conclude by my favourite posture;
Now this, i could do all day!

Enjoy your Saturday!!

T Maxx


What a photoworkout!!!

Great job!

Terrorzinhos said…
Great job, my friend! =)

We love the shots!
The last one is our favorite!

Have a nice weekend!
you are posing like Paris Hilton
Benny & Lily
Stella said…
Cheers, Tanuki Maxx, for a happy weekend with your family, some good walkings and visits with your pals!

24 Paws of Love said…
What great way to stretch and relax. You make it look so easy. Got to always have the paws crossed. :)
Unknown said…
Beautiful doga poses, Maxx! You're a great doggy yogi!
What a poser! We love all your pose and it's indeed a great picture :) Mom loves this breed sooo much that she really likes all your photos!

Autumn & Jasmine
WHEW, what a workout! We should do doga together more often!
Play bows,
Sagira said…
You sure are good at Doga! :)
Whew, that was quite the workout, Maxx - bet you are all stretched out now. We love that over the shoulder look:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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