Healing with flowers and a little floof

This weekend's been a very restful and healing one. We went to the Gardens to look at flowers and even stopped to smell and appreciate em. I didnt want to miss out on that action too! 

a little flower decor on the harness
Zackt told us about this butterfly flower, we just had to see it!

At the Healing Garden;
 Unfortunately doggies arent allowed inside the Healing Garden
(I say us pups are the BEST healers!!)
Thus me and the dad-ster had to wait outside
while mommy took a quick tour inside

Some of the description on Herbal Plants which are available in the garden;

Herbal plants are commonly used to soothe throat infection, relief for headaches, ease nasal congetion etc.
Iris Domestica
traditionally used to treat malaria, arrow poisoning, gonorrhea, asthma and chest and liver complaints

the best healing plant :))

Then we headed to the pond to check out the swans and ducks

as well as the greens 

After all that, we went home and i got to share some sweets with mommy
A carob flavoured cup cake topped with cream and poached pear! 
trying my best to keep the drool in check
 so close and yet still untouchable..
best part was, 
 mommy let me have the first bite! Yummy!!

Here's to a new week ahead!



That butterfly flower was incredible! It really does look like a butterfly!
I agree with you - nothing heals quite as well as us PUPS!
Play bows,
Terrorzinhos said…
You had such a great walk!
We have to agree, pups are the best healers!

Have a nice week! =)
We saw that butterfly flower - isn't it just beautiful!!! We would love to have a nice walking place like that - pawfect for a serene Sunday.

Great tail, Maxx - pawfect for healing:)

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
As always, lots of lovely photos and interesting photo! And we go a close-up of your very cool collar, Maxx!

what a cool garden. And yep, us pups really help the humans
Benny & Lily
Unknown said…
What a beautiful garden! Love that healing garden, the flowers are so lovely.
Puppy kisses make everything better. Thanks for sharing the lovely healing garden.

Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

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